Sunday, November 4, 2012

progressing toward normalcy

Like many Americans, I've been captivated by news coverage of Hurricane Sandy. As a lifelong Midwesterner, these weather events rarely have a direct impact on my life, but I've always had a tremendous interest in how others are able to recover from such storms. I can only imagine then that this story about the re-opening of public libraries in Staten Island shows that things are very slowly returning to normal in New York City and beyond. Public libraries serve as, amongst other things, a stabilizing, unifying place in our communities. That they're re-opening in these hurricane-stricken areas is a great sign.

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  1. As a current New Yorker, I have to say I'm equally impressed by the libraries here. Even with the lack of power messing with the check-out system it's been wonderful to see the libraries so packed with people looking for community, a working computer or just a way to get the kids out of the house. So inspiring!